Foam Roller


This is a specialised high density foam roller made from 100% recycled NZ plastic. Very effective for applying to specific acupressure points as well as self massage, myofasial release and spinal stretches to aid pain and mobility. Comes with a user guide manual. Also available in a smaller and larger size.

Upper Body Stretching Exercises

Back extension

Keeping the back relaxed as much as possible use the arms to press up into an extension stretch. Hold for 5-10 seconds or until you feel it stretching.

Pectoral stretch (great for golfers and anyone using upper body in exersizes)

Lie length ways on your roller and hold your arms out at 90 degrees from your body. From this position the fingers and hands should be confortable. Only hold this stretch for 30-40 seconds at a time to prevent the fingers going numb and tingly.

Bow stretch

Kneel in front of your Obie foam roller, extend your arms out onto the roller and push down form your shoulders. Keep your head down.

Thoracic stretch

Sit with your right leg bent in front of you and your left leg behind. Twist from your middle to your right and place your hands on the roller. Hold for 20-30 seconds or until you feel it stretching.

Upper body - Massaging Exercises

Lats (to release the lats and ouside of shoulder blade)

Lie with the roller under one arm with that arm above your head. Roll from your under arm down to your waist. Repeat on the other side.

Thoracic roll (get rid of knots in your back)

Lie with the roller under your shoulders. lift bottom off ground and tuck your feet in so your legs are at a 45 degree angle. Keeping your head facing up and hands behind your head, push from your feet to roll your shoulders back and forth across the roller. You’ll feel it gently massage the muscles in your back. Don’t go past your waste

Shoulder release

Lie on the roller as you would for spine neutral relaxation. Raise both hands above your head and hold for 20-30 seconds.

Lower Body – Stretching Exercises

Some of these exercises require you to hold your body off the ground using your arms and this can be quite tiring. You will build upper body strength from doing so, but if you get too sore, stop and take a break – DO NOT continue if it feels uncomfortable or if you are in pain.

Hamstring (To increase flexibility)

Lie on back as shown with roller under hips. Raise one leg and extend knee until a stretch is felt in hamstring. Pump foot up and down to increase stretch.

Hip flexor

Lying on roller as pictured, pull knee to stretch and let the other leg relax. Hold stretch for 30-40 seconds per side.

Lower Body – Massaging Exercises

Glut strengthening exercise

From flat on the floor with roller under feet, squeeze gluts together and then lift. Hold for 2-3 seconds and slowly lower. Breathe out as you raise up rest and breath out again as you lower.

Calf (give your calves an effective massage)

Sit on the floor with the roller below your calves. Cross one leg over the other with your foot resting on the other foot. Using your arms, raise your body up and roll along the length of your calves, from knee to ankle. For massage of your Soleus (short calf muscle) focus on the lower calf.

Gluteal release

Cross one leg over the other and roll from top of glut down into the sit bone. Rotate from side to side to find the tight spots.

ITB (Iliotibial Band)

Lie on the roller just below your hip so it is 90 degrees to your body. Keeping your elbow on the floor, cross your top most leg over the other leg and use your foot to gently roll up and down the outside of your leg.


Lie on the ground on your side with the roller parallel to you. Put your top most leg over the roller and transfer your weight onto the roller, using your hips to roll your body back and forth along your adductor muscles.


Lie on the roller with it just below your hips. Keep your legs straight out behind you. Using your elbows on the floor, roll yourself back and forwards to massage the length of your quads.


Sit on the floor with the roller underneath your hamstrings. Lift yourself off the ground with your hands and using your arms, push yourself back and forwards along the rollers to release tension in your hamstrings.

Hip Flexor

Lie on the roller with it just below your hips. Keep your knees apart and raise your ankles into the air with your heels touching. Using your elbows on the floor, roll yourself back and forwards so it massages the top most part of your quads (hip flexors).


Sit on the roller and push with your feet so the roller moves over your sit bone. Roll back into original position and pause on areas of tenderness.


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