Unlock the Power of Connections: Elevate Your Success with Business Networking!

In today’s highly competitive business world, building a solid network of contacts is essential for success. Tauranga, the networking capital in the Bay of Plenty, offers a vibrant networking scene with groups like BNI, Successful Networking, TeamFirst, TNG, and Business Collective. This page provides insights and strategies for creating and maintaining effective business networks in Tauranga and beyond.

What is Business Networking

Business networking involves establishing and maintaining professional relationships with individuals in your industry, profession, or community. It focuses on creating connections and building trust that can lead to mutually beneficial opportunities. Tauranga, known as the networking capital in the Bay of Plenty, offers a thriving networking environment.

The Benefits of Networking

Building a strong network brings numerous personal and professional benefits. These include increased exposure and visibility in your industry or community, access to job opportunities, clients, mentorship, professional development, enhanced communication skills, and industry insights. Tauranga’s vibrant networking scene amplifies these benefits.

Online Networking

Online networking involves building relationships through digital platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. It enables connections with professionals beyond geographical boundaries, industries, or communities. Crafting a professional and updated online profile is crucial for successful online networking.

Offline Networking

Offline networking entails attending events, conferences, and trade shows to meet professionals face-to-face. It allows for faster relationship building and lasting impressions on potential contacts. Additionally, hosting events, volunteering, and joining professional organizations in Tauranga can establish leadership credibility.

BNI Elite Chapter - Business Networking

BNI Elite


Every Thursday 7.00 AM – 8.30 AM


The Atrium Cafe & Conference Centre, 252 Otumoetai Road, Tauranga

Contact BNI Elite Chapter


Successful Networking Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Papamoa

Successful Networking


Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays


Zone Cafe, Mount Maunganui
Double Teaspoon Cafe, Papamoa
The Raft Cafe, Tauranga
Grindz Cafe, Tauranga

Check Times


TNG Business Networking Group

TNG Tauranga


1st Wednesday of the month 8.45 AM – 10.00 AM

Other Wednesdays 9.00 AM – 10.00 AM


The Raft Cafe, 65 Chapel Street, Tauranga

Contact: steve.tauranga@embroidme.co.nz

TNG Website

She Is Unleashed - Womens Networking Group

She Is Unleashed


Check for meetings


Grindz Cafe, Tauranga

Pearl Kitchen, Papamoa Beach

Alpino, Mount Maunganui

The Daily, Te Puke



Strategies for Successful Networking


Identify Your Networking Goals

Define your networking goals, such as job opportunities, new clients, or partnerships. This clarity will help prioritize your networking efforts in Tauranga’s diverse professional landscape.

Create a Networking Plan

Develop a plan that outlines specific actions, timelines, and measurable objectives. Attending networking events organized by Tauranga’s networking groups, joining organizations, and connecting with professionals online should be integral parts of your plan.

Attend Networking Events

Regularly attend relevant networking events in Tauranga facilitated by groups like BNI, Successful Networking, TemFirst, TNG, Business Collective, and She Is Unleashed. Be approachable, carry business cards, and initiate conversations with new contacts.

Leverage Social Media

Utilize social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, to enhance your networking reach. Ensure your online profile reflects your expertise and experience, and actively connect with professionals in your industry in Tauranga and beyond.

Offer Value to Your Network

Networking is a reciprocal process. Share your expertise, provide referrals, and offer help to others in Tauranga’s networking community. By providing value, you can foster stronger relationships and build a trusted network.

Follow Up and Nurture Relationships

Following up is essential in networking. Send thank-you notes or emails after meeting someone new. Regularly nurture your relationships through consistent communication, updates, and support. This approach will keep you connected and open doors to future opportunities.

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