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To create your business profile, add an event, add a job vacancy*, or list a property*, please register for a free account. (*Paid options)

What is BIZWIN?

BIZWIN is an online marketing platform for New Zealand-based registered businesses and organisations.

Our membership-based platform offers many essential features for businesses to connect with clients and gain brand exposure & visibility.

Depending on the membership level, members can create a business profile, list a job vacancy, list a property, promote products, showcase videos, create an article, and more after creating an account.

The purpose of our platform is to help New Zealand businesses grow and, at the same time, cut their marketing and advertising costs.

Bizwin Membership

1. Search for a Business or Service

Use our website to search members by specialty or location. It’s easy to search and find top-rated professionals.

2. Compare Businesses

After searching for a business or service, compare quotes, reviews, and full profiles of each member on our website.

3. Connect with a Business Professional

Contact the business or service that you like for more information. Our members are always happy to hear from you!

The Benefits of a Business Directory

Public Relations

Prospects Can Find You More Easily Online

While having your business listed online isn’t a magic bullet for traffic and won’t improve your business’s SEO dramatically, it can help your business generate leads through the SEO of high-ranking directories.

If an individual clicks into a directory that populates during a search and finds your business, it’s a win! Listing in a directory can make your business more accessible and easier to find.

Data Entry

Business Directories Provide Up-to-Date Information

Directories are a place to provide quick snapshots of a business:

  • What it does.
  • How it does it.
  • Where it’s located, possibly even with a map link and a link to its website.
Online Retail

Directories Build Brand Awareness

Many free directories provide brand awareness for your business. Even if a directory may not culminate in immediate leads or conversions, it is still creating more name recognition and awareness for users of the directory.

Suppose a user uses several directories and encounters your business in each. In that case, they will begin associating your business name with the service you provide, putting your business on top of mind.


Directories Enhance Your Business’ Reach

Placing your business and contact information in at least a handful of high-profile directories is helpful in finding new clients and as a potential resource for finding business partners.

An online directory allows business-to-business owners to connect and form partnerships.

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