Crystaderm First Aid Cream


Crystaderm® is a preservative-free first aid cream used for the treatment and prevention of minor skin infections such as acne, cuts, scrapes, grazes, burns and school sores (impetigo).

Crystaderm® First Aid Cream is essential for your family’s first aid kit and on the go. Providing strong protection against skin infection, with no known risk of bacterial resistance.1,2  This means it will be just as effective in the future as it is today.

Crystaderm® dries fast and adheres to both moist and dry areas, and doesn’t stain skin, hands or fabric. A small amount of Crystaderm® goes a long way so can be applied sparingly, and the smooth, pearly white cream vanishes quickly on application.

First Aid Antiseptic Cream. It provides strong protection against skin infection without a prescription. Essential for your family’s first aid kit in the home and on-the-go.


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