Website Health Check Service Details

One-off Website Health Check

1. SEO Website Health Audit – On-Page SEO Analysis, Off-Page SEO Analysis, Keyword Research, Recommendations

2. Penalty Analysis – We check your Website against Google’s Major Algorithms, including Core Updates, Bret, Maverick, Medic, Mobile-First Index, Fred, Possum, RankBrain, Panda, Penguin, and others, and then align the strategy according to the findings.

3. Content Analysis & Fix – Duplicate Content Analysis. Fix recommendations of the located issues.

4. Back-links Analysis & Fix – We submit your website via Google Search Console, which will analyze all backlinks in terms of the latest Google Updates. Toxic backlinks will be either removed or disavowed.

5. On-Page Errors Fixing – We will run an On-Page report using SEMrush to trace On-Page errors.

Meta Issues: These include duplicate page titles, missing a meta description, page titles that have an incorrect length, meta descriptions that have a wrong size, missing page titles, and duplicate meta descriptions!

Visibility Issues: These include Redirects, Robot Blocking, 404 Errors, and Malware!

Content Issues: These include pages with low word count content and duplicate content issues.

Linking Issues: These include issues like missing anchor text of internal links or ALT text, missing anchor text of external links or ALT text, broken internal links, broken external links, and internal/external links using a no-follow tag

Image Issues: These include issues like missing ALT text, title text, and broken images.

Semantic Structure: These include the detection of pages without headers and pages using Microdata

  • Fixing them according to priorities can help rankings.
  • Priorities depend on the type of campaign.
  • We are maintaining a continuous monthly process until we fix all errors. The process can take several months, depending on the number of issues we find.

6. Meta Tags Optimization – Meta elements are tags used in HTML and XHTML documents to provide structure metadata about a web page.

Meta tags are an excellent way for web admins to provide search engines with information about their sites.

Our web admin can use these meta tags to provide information to all sorts of target audiences, and each system processes only the meta tags they understand and ignores the rest.

  • We optimize Meta Tags of your website pages depending on the relevance of the pages.
  • We will keep repeating this process every month until we complete all pages.

7. URL Optimization

  • If URLs are not SEO-friendly, we optimize them.
  • Redirection of old URLs to new ones so that authority of old pages moves to new ones.
  • URLs are optimized only in cases of a highly messy structure by considering new algorithms.

8. Content Optimization

  • We make a list of changes suggested for the ultimate optimization of the content of your website pages.
  • We submit this to you for approval.
  • Once approved, we implement them.
  • We can continue this process in the coming months, depending on the pages.

9. Sitemap Submission – A Sitemap is a file where you can list the web pages of your site to tell Google and other search engines about the organization of your site content.

  • We make the sitemap for your website.
  • We submit it to Webmaster Tools.

10. Analytics

  • We install Google Analytics if not already installed.
  • We use Google Analytics to measure your advertising ROI and track your Flash, video, social networking sites, and applications.
  • Set Goals
  • Set Filters
  • Set Events if applicable

11. Search Console

  • We submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools is the primary mechanism for Google to communicate with web admins and helps alert you about issues with your site.
  • Set all parameters.
  • Check Google Messages.
  • Execute actions as required.

12. SEO Website Health Recommendations

  • We analyze your website and make recommendations that can amplify your SEO Process.
  • Examples of these recommendations vary from site to site and can include:
    • Website Loading Speed
    • Mobile-Friendly Check
    • Low Content Check in Pages
  • iv. Blog Posts Suggestions
  • v. WWW versus Non-WWW Conflict:
  • Google views your website as two different sites: the www and non-www versions.
    • This process causes your website’s authority and “link juice” to be split between two websites and potentially causes duplicate content penalties. These penalties can hurt your ranking. A solution to solve the issue is to set up a permanent redirect from your website’s non-www version to the www version.
  • vi. HTTPS / SSL Certificate Recommendation:
    • HTTPS has a reasonably strong correlation with first-page rankings. We recommend acquiring an SSL Certificate for your website by reaching out to your domain registrar or hosting.
Website Health Checkup

Ongoing SEO Management Service

1. Monthly On-Page Error Fixing

  • We fix more On-Page SEO Errors.

  • Depending upon available hours, we continue this process month by month until all errors get fixed.

2. Monthly Link Building

Local Business Directories: We have a list of top-quality Business Directories in terms of authority. We have a research team that keeps on analyzing them monthly. We remove and add directories depending upon the quality checks each month.

Guest Posting: Guest posting creates content and publishes it on another person’s website. Blogs are a prevalent platform for guest posting.

Blog Outreach: This puts your content in front of relevant bloggers and journalists by sending personalized emails to persuade those with sizable targeted audiences to mention you and link to your site.

Niche Directories Submission: A niche directory is a web directory that focuses on a specific industry, region, or subject. We submit to directories that are related to your business and keywords. The benefit of getting listed in niche directories is that the search engines will see that your business is relevant to your keywords.

  • Social Sharing: Sharing content from a website on a social media site or application.

  • Indirect Link Building

  • Competitor’s Links Analysis & Link Finding

  • Infographics Creation and Submission

  • Broken Links Back-linking Strategy

And many others depending upon the requirements of the campaigns we have set up for you!

3. Monthly Reporting

  • Monthly Ranking Report

  • Monthly Analytics Report

  • Monthly Link Building Report

  • On-Page Error Fixing Report

  • Google Local Insights Report (Only for 20 or More Keywords Packages with local SEO included)

  • Monthly Remarks

  • Monthly Suggestions

4. Other Inclusions – After analysis of campaigns, we perform multiple other activities as per the requirement of the time, including:

  • Optimization of more pages

  • Optimization of blog posts

  • URL optimization

  • Content optimization

  • More recommendations if required and a few more.


  • Full backlink audit to ensure compliance with current Google Quality Guidelines & fixing of non-compliance issues.

  • A strategy review and revisions if required.

Note Regarding Website Work Included In SEO Packages

Due to the nature of SEO, we will include some website editing work in all our SEO packages. This editing work is strictly limited to those tasks necessary to achieve optimal results with the SEO program and can include such work as:

  • Fixing On-Page SEO errors

  • Optimizing meta tags, content, URLs, etc

  • Installing Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

  • Setting up blogs and writing blog posts

  • Replacing duplicate content with updated content created by our team

  • Adding pages to support the SEO program

  • Installation of codes that support the SEO program

Most other website work and design requests are not part of the SEO programs offered. Our website development team can still complete all such changes; however, they include our website maintenance service and the associated costs.

Website Health Check Service

Our Responsibilities

1. First Month Responsibilities

  • Business Information: We will supply you with a client profile form to complete with your business information. We will start working on link-building activities as soon as this information is received.

  • Business Descriptions: We will send some versions of business descriptions to you for approval. Upon your permission, we will start the submissions. We will use the final approved wording in the online introduction of your business.

  • Website Credentials: We will request website credentials (CMS + FTP + hosting) required for multiple SEO activities like On-Page SEO, meta tags optimization, installation of Google Analytics & Search Console, error fixing, and others).

  • Analytics Access: If Google Analytics is present on your website, we will first request access. If you do not know your access info to the analytical software, we will establish a new one.

  • Google Business Place Access: If local SEO is present in your package (20 or More Keyword Package qualify), we will request access to the location.

  • Approvals of Checklists: To assure quality and consistency, we will submit multiple checklists, such as an On-Page and Blog Optimization Checklists, for your consent, and this does not require heavy input from you. They are sent to you to ensure consistency of SEO optimization for your brand.

  • Action on Recommendations: Most of the activities are present in the SEO packages, such as:

    • Loading speed.

    • Content for low word count pages. You can supply this or use our experienced SEO copywriting services.

    • You can supply unique content for duplicate pages or use our experienced SEO content writing services.

    • Silo pages for keywords that require dedicated pages as per the analysis. You can supply this or use our experienced SEO content writing services.

    • SSL Certificate/HTTPS (We can contact your hosting service provider for this though we help implement HTTP to HTTPS versions as part of SEO packages).

    • Creation of blog posts optimized around keywords. You can supply this or use our experienced SEO copywriting services.

    • Creation of FAQs Page. You can supply this or use our experienced SEO content writing services.

2. Monthly Responsibilities

  • Monthly Approvals of Checklists: We submit multiple checklists at intervals for approvals and await your acceptance.

  • Monthly Recommendations: We keep on with consistent suggestions, and we need your timeous responses and feedback.

3. Quarterly Responsibilities

  • Attending Strategic Sessions: Depending upon the outcomes of the campaigns, we will request quarterly sessions to discuss progress, plans of action, and recommendations. We require your attendance at these sessions.

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