7 Reasons Why You Should Use Hiko Electrical

Electricity has always been the primary energy source and is the most consumed energy worldwide. However, to absorb and understand this energy source’s importance, all blocks connect to an electrical grid within a specific region. Speaking of which, residential electrical solutions and services are integral to a home’s health.

Irrespective of its importance, a house owner needs to ensure that electrical connections are made adequately and with finesse. For such a job, you might require the assistance of professional electricians.

Here at Hiko Electrical, our team honors every client’s expectations. Even though our integral principle is to obtain customer satisfaction, we emphasize a home’s electrical requirements more. That’s because there’s a family on the line.

So, if you’re one of the house owners who wish to hire our team for your electrical jobs in Tauranga, do not think twice. As renowned and experienced electricians in the region, we guarantee that every job completes with utmost accuracy and finesse.

Why Hiko Electrical?

When focusing on safety, respect, and reliability, our qualified Mount Maunganui electrician specializes in meter board installations and relocation, switchboard upgrades and installation, energy audits, light and power facilities, electrical maintenance, and data cabling.

Our Electrical Services

• Lite Commercial Electrical Services
• Residential Electrical Services

Mandatory Safety Checks from Electrical to Smoke Alarms

Routine checks are pivotal in every home. Even though it has become a vital law today, you should not leave everything as is. Our electrical technicians can offer a one-stop solution for your electrical safety and smoke alarm checks.

Home Electrical Renovations and Rewiring

Our Residential Electrical Services

Rely on our experienced Tauranga electrician to deliver a quality job with friendly solutions and services:
• Lighting
• Split System Heating / Cooling Units
• Rewiring
• Electrical Maintenance Solutions
• Installation of Domestic Appliances
• Outdoor Lighting
• Renovations

Electrical work in residential areas does not draw a lot of attention. That’s because homeowners do not prioritize it. Much of the emphasis goes on commercial settings. In addition, when it comes to administering such services, we can offer the following:

1. Lighting

We offer the best electrical solutions and have our team assist you on-site. We can select the best suitable lighting from our suppliers, offering leading services for your residential property. Besides, we provide products and services specifically for New Zealand’s distinctive residential lighting environments from ideal, proven, and innovative LED manufacturers.

2. Split System Heating/Cooling Units

Providing cooling and heating systems for your house, our Bay of Plenty electrician can supply the most reliable brands available in the market and installation, design, and maintenance.

3. Rewiring

It is always essential to consider substandard electrics because they can pose a severe risk and electrocution in some cases. As a result, you would want to bring the wiring up to industry regulations and New Zealand standards. Besides, if your home is one of the older buildings on the block, we will thoroughly check the wiring and determine if it’s up to date or if you need to buy new sets.
Furthermore, our electrical services include installing safety switches and the proper circuit breakers, minimizing risk at home.

4. Electrical Maintenance

Our professional electrician in Mount Maunganui can carry out routine spot checks and troubleshoot your electrical appliances and wiring. As a part of the ongoing maintenance, we also take the utmost responsibility for every Occupational Health & Safety regulation and standard.

5. Installation of Domestic Appliances

When installing domestic appliances, we can cover all the installation work for your house. Specifically, our team of electricians installs slide-in oven ranges, refrigerators, over-the-range microwaves, large commercial ovens for homes, washing machines, dishwashers, wall-mounted range hoods, dryers, ventilation hoods, ice makers, and several other things.

6. Outdoor Lighting

With several years of experience in offering installation work, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to locate ideal lighting options and excellent aesthetics for your property or home. Moreover, we will indulge in designing your ideas into practical solutions by sourcing outstanding suppliers in the industry.

7. Renovations

Offering the right solution and advice for your wire renovation is one of our fortes. By administering us into your planning and budgeting, we provide ideal solutions at a competitive price in the market.

Solar Power Installations Tauranga

Hiko Electrical Solar Power Installations

We are great advocates for clean, efficient, and renewable energy and can help you generate your solar power from the sun. With extensive experience in Solar Power installs and services across the Bay of Plenty, we will be able to guide you through the solar options and develop a solution that best suits your needs.

Book A Consultation

When you are ready to start your project, it would be a pleasure to collaborate with you and work on ideas. We pride ourselves to be highly experienced, meaning we understand the needs to be taken care of in the residential electrical platform as well as commercial electrical work.

If you want us to send a quote for your project, let’s arrange a visit or get in touch on a brief call. The numbers are here on the website and located on the home page.

This article by Leo Zeldenrust was previously published at Hiko Electrical

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